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Santa's Services

Home Visits

Home Visits

🎅Experience the Magic of Christmas, Stress-Free!

Say goodbye to long lines and rushed visits with Santa. Imagine this: You're enjoying a cozy evening by the Christmas tree when there's a knock at your door. It's Santa Claus himself, bringing the North Pole to your home.

Santa delights with stories of his reindeer, elves, and toy shop, answers kids' questions, and leads your family in carols. Capture the magic with photos, including the whole family and even pets. Santa can hand out "early" gifts by arrangement and leaves a special token of his visit.

Make your Christmas unforgettable. Book Santa's visit today!

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Picture this: It's Christmas Eve, and as you quietly gather your family, a mysterious noise piques your curiosity. Together, you tip-toe through the house and, from a secret hiding spot, you witness Santa Claus in action.

Santa places presents under the tree, savors cookies and milk, and reads Santa letters while upholding cherished traditions. The rule is simple: don't speak to Santa, or he'll drop a small white feather, and everyone will forget this magical moment.

"Sneak-a-Peek with Santa" visits are available from 1:00 AM to 5:30 AM on December 24/25, but slots are limited. Contact us early to secure this extraordinary Christmas experience!

Don't miss out on this special tradition. Book your "Sneak-a-Peek with Santa" now!

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Corporate & Organizations

The Christmas holiday season is a very special time for family and friends. Just imagine how special it would be for your members, their children, and grandchildren, to share a visit with that Jolly ol’ Elf, Santa Claus. Here is a chance to make lasting memories as they sit on Santa’s lap, sharing their Christmas wishes and a photo. Or even consider making it even more exciting by arranging this visit during breakfast, lunch, or supper and watch as Santa goes from table to table visiting each child and family. Imagine the candid shots possible whether taken by the parents or a professional photographer.

Your members will be amazed at the quality of candid photos they will get during this visit and aren’t these the memories that last a lifetime? Think about it, you will be offering something to your members that they cannot obtain elsewhere.

Whatever the event, your members will love it! A special time at a special place. Let Enchanted Santa be your guest this Christmas season and entertain your guests. Don’t forget, these photos will create a unique segment for your website or monthly newsletter.



Perfect for

Breakfast/Brunch with Santa!
"Storytime with Santa”
Employee Christmas Parties!
Santa Tuck-in Service for your Guests!
Lobby Visits with Santa!
Employee Parties

Unlock the Magic of Christmas for Your Hotel Guests!

Elevate the holiday experience at your hotel by booking Santa Claus. Create lasting memories and offer a solution to children's concerns: 'How will Santa find me away from home?' Santa can grace your lobby by the Christmas tree or fireplace, enchanting young visitors. For a personalized touch, arrange special room visits, where Santa tucks in the kids for a magical night's sleep. Make your hotel the destination for unforgettable holiday moments. Contact us to reserve Santa for your guests' delight!

Towns and Municipalities

Towns & Municipalities

Perfect for

City Employees Holiday Parties!

Combination Parade & Santa Visit!
Tree Lighting & Santa Visit!
Schools – Special Pricing!
Chamber of Commerce

Who doesn't cherish the joy of seeing Santa Claus conclude the town's parade, igniting the Christmas season? We all hold dear those childhood memories of awaiting Santa's arrival, marking the official start of the festive season.

Your community deserves a Santa who embodies the legend, and that's exactly what Enchanted Santa offers. Bring the magic to life by calling us now to arrange your event.


In an engaging 30-minute performance, Santa will answer all those burning questions your children have had, like 'How do reindeer fly?' or 'What if we catch you on Christmas Eve?' Santa loves sharing the North Pole's secrets, from gift-carrying mysteries to favorite cookies.

But that's not all! If your kids have a beloved storybook they'd like to read with Santa, just let us know, and we can arrange it.

Immerse yourself and your children in the enchanting world of Santa, uncover North Pole mysteries, and even witness exciting toy prototypes. Don't miss out on this unforgettable celebration! Book 'Storytime with Santa' with Santa Rick now!

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Story Time with Santa

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