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Truly Magical

"What amazing experience! The children Loved it. Excited about next year!"

The Real Santa!

"The Real Atlanta Santa came to our family Thanksgiving celebration and we could not be happier. The whole family enjoyed his visit but especially the 6 children there, they woke up the next day excited talking about Santa. They enjoyed his stories, talking to Santa, having their pictures taken with Santa and more. It was the perfect Santa, after this visit I can tell you Santa is real!"

Best Santa ever!

"This was the best Santa ever! Perfect “Santa” look and told the most enchanting stories to the kids.
Was also very professional in coordinating the details before the event. We were very pleased with Santa!"

SAFFT Family Christmas

"We had the Pleasure of having SANTA spend his evening with the Foster children we serve. The children still talk about the special SANTA from last year. Parents have requested him again. Such a blessing to have hosted SANTA."


OMG you want the best Santa in the world!

"Let me tell you about Santa Rick he's incredible! He is so easy to work with goes with the flow and let me tell you the way that he connects to the kids is hands-down the best I've ever seen. We had him come out and meet with foster kids and let me tell you they asked a lot of questions he didn't even blink an eye. He was able to answer every question and in such a way that it was just magical.

Even my co-workers and my volunteers were in awe with him, from the way he looked to the way he talked was so incredible. We got so many feedback from the Foster families about how incredible Santa Rick was and we hope he will be back with us next year and years to come. Thank you, Santa Rick, for everything that you do for us."

The Real Santa!

"Santa Rick has been great to work with throughout the last 8 years here at Bass Pro Atlanta. People would call to see if he was going to be there because he was the only Santa their child or children knew. Santa Rick has a great following and knows how to present the Christmas Spirit to both young and old."

The most REAL SANTA you will ever see!

"Santa Rick is a true Santa legend with years of experience and training in bringing the spirit and excitement of Christmas to both young and old. I promise you will not go wrong in making him part of your Christmas celebration whatever the purpose or occasion"

This Guy is the Real Thing!!!

"To our grandchildren Santa Rick IS Santa Claus. I love the fact that he is so patient with our autistic
grandson. We have visited him at Bass Pro Shop for many years. He is more than just a great Santa
he is a great human being as well!"

He Real Santa, not just in Atlanta but Everywhere!

"The Enchanted Santa is the best Santa I've seen. He is very patient and kind. Can't say enough good about him. He is awesome. If you book him for your event, you will not be disappointed. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars he is 100."


The Best Santa Ever!!

"My son questioned if Santa was in fact real and this Santa was able to think quick and told my son who was 6 at the time that he would place a broken candy cane on his present just like the one he was holding in his hand at the time and that way my son would know he was real. He called me over after the picture to tell me about his conversation with my son and told me to make sure I placed the candy cane on the remote-control car he asked for. Now when kids at school try to tell my son Santa isn't real.... he is quick to let them know...oh yes. .he is real and tells them how he knows this. He is great with kids and is so genuine. Like I said...the best Santa ever!!"

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