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Miami's Favorite Santa Claus

Let Santa Rick help you welcome this season with Holiday Cheer!

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The Enchanted Santa carrying presents

Get to know Santa Rick

All my life I have cherished the idea of Christmas. Raised in the church I came to understand the religious significance and the true meaning of Christmas. Growing older brought me an understanding of the secular nature of Santa Claus with his Christmas Magic. I could not wait until that Most Wonderful Time of the Year. With each Santa visit, I realized his unconditional love for every child that sat on his lap, talked with him, or simply stood, staring in wonderment. I knew then, that I was itching to be Santa.

The itch was scratched in 1970. During that first appearance, I discovered that when a child looks into my eyes, they are looking not at me but at the Christmas Spirit. If they see the Christmas Spirit, I then know the child believes in Santa and the Magic of Christmas. That is my goal and my job. This has not changed in 53 years. I aspire to be the best Santa possible. To that end, I have attended numerous Santa Schools including the infamous Charles W. Howard Santa School. My custom-made suits are designed to
bring both Santa and the Christmas Spirit to life. 

It would be my privilege to be part of your Christmas celebrations and traditions or contribute to establishing new ones. Together, we will indeed make it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.